Profile Edit


Drognen Earthmane

  • Name: Drognen Earthmane
  • Race: Tauren
  • Class: Shaman
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 55
  • Birthplace: Desolace
  • Profession: Leatherworker
  • Guild: Caffeine  

Standing just over 8-feet-high, Drognen is a little on the tall side for a tauren male. Thicker-than-normal, earth-coloured fur covers his frame giving him a burly appearance. Two shiny, black horns flank a pair of steel-blue eyes which usually have a calm gaze. His armour is adorned with multiple totem carvings and feathers, indicating Drognen is a shaman.  



History Edit

Born in the war-torn wastes of Desolace, Drognen travelled constantly across the region, his clan in relentless conflict with the centaur. He became a warrior of note in his tribe and was always one of the first to answer the call to battle. The tauren there were severely outnumbered however, and were pushed back as far as Mulgore before Thrall and his orcs arrived. The tide of the conflict turned and soon the tauren were able to claim Mulgore as their new home. As a result, he holds the orcs in high regard, and also reveres Cairne for uniting the tribes under one banner. Drognen questions the wisdom of allowing the blood elves into the Horde; he finds them to be arrogant, untrustworthy and quite detestable. He has no love for the Grimtotem clan either.


Drognen served the Horde loyally for many years. Upon receiving an assignment in Northrend, he encountered a taunka shaman. The two formed a friendship and hunted together frequently. The shaman took note of Drognen’s prowess with weapons and suggested he might benefit from some shaman training. He agreed, and after about a year of living and training with the taunka of Camp Winterhoof, he became a powerful shaman weapon-master. Drognen calls the camp his home now, and does what he can to defend his allies from the terrors of the Scourge.