• Proper name: Blon of the clan Riht
  • Race: Orc
  • Class: Hunter
  • Home: The Barrens
  • Guild: None
  • Skills: Skinning, Leatherworking
  • Description Tall and broad- even for an orc, Blon sports long, scraggly dark hair that he usually hides under his brimmed jungle hat. Generally laid back, Blon is outwardly friendly and open-minded.
  • Background: The older brother of two, Blon stood in the shadow of his heroic father, Marrow. That was perfectly fine with him, as Blon never desired to be a warrior or a hero. At the ceremony of his father's death, Blon's Mother presented him with his father's famous axe, Gutripper, and his bow. It was the bow that enthralled the young orc, and while he carries the axe, it is his father's bow that he holds dear. Together with his wolf, Sampson, Blon lives an idyllic life as a nomad in the Barrens, hunting by day and feasting on his kills in the evenings.